The Little Warrior – Our NICU Story

Continued from a previous post, When October Became September That drive home felt harder than giving birth. My body didn't feel like my own; it was a hollow shape of where Arthur was. My arms were empty, as he stayed at the hospital in a dim room with cords, monitors, nurses, and doctors. Codey and… Continue reading The Little Warrior – Our NICU Story

When October Became September – My Birth Story

The best way to remember is to write it down. As a writer of moments big and small, I just had to write about this one--the biggest moment of my life. It has forever changed me. All of the cliche things are true: it's magical, painful, scary, and it's the most wonderful thing ever. I'm… Continue reading When October Became September – My Birth Story

Dig In

Amidst all of our baby excitement, Codey graduated with his terminal degree (MFA), had several art shows, and I finished up commuting to three schools in three counties for my art teaching jobs (adjunct life is not so glamorous..especially during pregnancy..I spent so many afternoons resting at my only home base: my car). After much… Continue reading Dig In