I’m Amanda. I’m a lot of things, but I like to call myself a maker. I’m an artist, craftswoman, and writer–I make tangible things, objects, and experiences. I’m also a maker of space; I’m a certified yoga instructor. To me, yoga is a tool to make space within one’s body and life.

I’ve had this blog for a few years now, and I’m learning what I thought were nonsensical random bits of my life on a page, are actually intrinsically linked. Specifically on this blog you’ll see that I write a lot about what I care deeply about: art, art school, travel adventures, food, and most abundantly–my daily life.

Writing has been a constant companion ever since I could write. As a young girl I loved writing letters, reading diaries, practicing calligraphy with old pens, and keeping my own diaries–books and books full.  As a teenager, I’d write my mom apology poems, recite poems in forensics, and enter essay and poetry contests. Once my teacher me, “If you can write well, you can do anything.” So, I’ll continue my passion for writing here.

Writing helps me gain clarity on any situation and it allows me to feel like I’m capturing or preserving, remembering parts of my life that might slip away and be forgotten. At its core, this is the main reason I write and it’s a selfish one. Writing is for me. The older I get though, I realize that the things I write about, even if they’re specific to me, can reach others. Not only is writing a tool for my own wellbeing and mental state, it has the ability and power to connect to people; and this connection is both humbling and so very human.

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