Dig In

Amidst all of our baby excitement, Codey graduated with his terminal degree (MFA), had several art shows, and I finished up commuting to three schools in three counties for my art teaching jobs (adjunct life is not so glamorous..especially during pregnancy..I spent so many afternoons resting at my only home base: my car).

After much deliberation and pro/con list making, we decided to move back to the Midwest to be near family. To say we’re going through a time of big change is an understatement (Re: Baby on the way + No Jobs + Moving across the country). We’re uprooted. Everything is in the air.

Codey’s MFA Graduation, 2017

Immediately before the move, Codey’s car died as it had irreparable brake line damage (RIP Red Rover). I truly believe this was meant to happen before our trip (could you imagine if we were driving through the mountains of West Virginia and his brakes went out?!). So, we shoved both cats into my 1994 Honda (which they hated) and made the journey back home. Thankfully, Codey’s parents drove all the way to NC from MN to help us move. And thanks to my parents, they found us a great little place to live. I don’t know how we would’ve done it without them. We’ve moved into a small, two bedroom rental house in a tiny town in southern Wisconsin complete with a yard (!), basement, patio, and garage. We’re nearby some bigger cities, essential for doctors appointments, solid grocery runs, and job opportunities.

Our little home

We’ve been here a month now, and are both still on the dreaded job hunt. Putting an MFA to use is tricky when you don’t know anyone or have connections to the new colleges or art spaces. In time, I think we will wiggle our way in. It usually goes one of a few ways: be able to make a living off of your art, become a teacher and continue art, work within the arts and continue art, or work a non-arts job and continue art. We’ve been told the transition after grad school would be tough and depressing–its hard to find your footing. It has been hard and we knew it would be. I always have the fear of letting people down, especially my mentors (will I be able to use my degree? Do I want to be a teacher?) We will make it work. We’re both determined. (Everything is going to be okay. It takes time to figure it out. We have a little money saved. We’ve figured out insurance and doctors, thank God. We’ll just continue the minimum student loan payment. Our cellphones no longer have service here, we need to switch. How will we afford another vehicle? Thankfully, we can borrow Dad’s truck…) When my thoughts spiral, Codey reminds me: “task at hand.”

One day at a time. Be patient.

Someday we’ll look back and think,”wow, I can’t believe we did all of that and got through it.”

When we’re not job hunting, we’ve been filling our days settling in and carving out our space. Time and space are very precious to me and I get overwhelmed easily if I don’t guard both. We’ve been spending time with family, relaxing on our little patio, drying our clothes out on the line, cutting the grass, planting flowers, fishing, reading, and getting baby’s room ready. We also celebrated our third wedding anniversary. We spent the day at a botanical garden and ate a wonderful homemade dinner. A lot has happened in our three married years. We’re a good team and I know we can handle the changes and transitions. Although it is a stressful time, I know it will all workout as its meant to because we’re trying our best. Instead of wishing away the unplanned days, I’m learning to embrace them and to savor each moment I have to spend time with my husband before our team becomes three.

For now, our restless and anxious roots are searching and gripping. Dig in. Drink up. Grow. We can always be replanted later.

Everything happens as it is meant to happen.

Botanical Gardens – 3rd Anniversary
Crib Assembly
Pike Boy


Codey’s MFA Graduation, NC



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